DJ-Tech Live Sound


  • Exclusive Thud Rumble design
  • Integrated premium quality contactless Mini innoFADER as the crossfader
  • High performance 2-channel scratch DJ mixer
  • Compatible with the original full-size innoFADER
  • Superb scratch performance with adjustable crossfader curve and reverse
  • DVS mode: Switch between the traditional vinyl/CDsetup and DVS software setup without reconnecting a single cable.
  • RCA booth output with dedicated volume control
  • 6.35mm and 3.5mm headphones output


Thud Rumble is proud to present the TR-1S.  

When today’s mixers become too confusing and overpriced, why not bring it back to simplicity and offer the flexibility to be in “TIMECODE” mode for those DJs who want the quick in and out mixer for their Traktor or Serato setups.  

This DJ mixer also comes with a built-in Mini innoFADER.  

This is the PERFECT MIXER for both Beginner DJs looking for the best equipment on a low budget, Skratch DJ enthusiasts in search for a dedicated skratch mixer and Professional DJs who need a back-up mixer.